The mod loader comes with an API which mod creators can use to help them do basic tasks, this API is currently very simple but later on with more discoveries and the development of the mod loader its self, this API should hopefully expand with more functionality.



To find the API all you need to do is get the instance variable from the static class then store that in a variable.
Later on, all you have to call is "api" if you want to use a function from the API.

private VTOLAPI api;
private void Start()
    api = VTOLAPI.instance;

GetSteamID() : ulong

GetSteamID returns the users steam id which can be used to identify the user's steam profile.
This function uses Steamworks and returns as a ulong.

Debug.Log("This is the users SteamID: " + VTOLAPI.instance.GetSteamID()) 

GetSteamName() : string

GetSteamName returns the users current steam name which is on their steam profile, please remember though this name can be changed by the player at any time.
This function uses Steamworks and returns as a string.

Debug.Log("This is the users Steam Name: " + VTOLAPI.instance.GetSteamName()) 

GetPlayersVehicleGameObject() : GameObject

This returns the game object of the vehicle which the player is flying if the vehicle was not found, it will just return null so make sure to have a null check!

GameObject currentVehicle = VTOLAPI.instance.GetPlayersVehicleGameObject(); 

GetPlayersVehicleEnum() : VTOLVehicles

This returns an enum to help identify which vehicle the player is currently using. This can be used if you have specific code to run depending on what vehicle is being used.

VTOLVehicles currentVehicle = VTOLAPI.instance.GetPlayersVehicleEnum(); 
//Possiable Returns: None, AV42C, FA26B, F45A