Unity chan Toon Shaders

...It's like one of my Japanese animes...

Replaces the shader of many materials in VTOL VR with the Unity-chan toon shader

Obviously, a mod that pretty much arbitrarily replaces shader has some rendering issues. I can fix some of these at a later date, but others are impossible or would be more effort than it's worth to fix.

Known bugs:

AI aircraft canopies are white

The F/A-26Bs default texture doesn't show correctly with this shader as it has its own special shaders which causes it to incorrectly use the detail texture as the main texture, just load a skin to get rid of it.

The colour changing battery indicator lights don't work

The shadows in VTOL have always had issues due to the large size of the levels, the shader tends to exaggerate these issues

Version: 1.0
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Multiplayer Mod Compatible