X02S Wyvern Custom Aircraft

What the hell was that!

The X-02S Strike Wyvern is the strike aircraft from the Ace Combat series. It has a fully modeled exterior and interior done by the always amazing modeler Boris, and has its own flight model and configuration.

It has a forward swept wing configuration, with auto adjust wing tips when the auto button is switched on (left hand side of the cockpit, green means Auto Sweep is on). You can also set the wing sweep using the sweep switch to open or closed.

The X-02S Strike Wyvern can achieve turn rates in excess of 35 DPS, and has almost insane low speed stability. It is stable up to about 1.8 mach at low altitudes, and can reach upto around 3 mach at high altitude.

The Wyvern carries a bunch of the latest missiles, uses a TSD like the F45, and has very small RCS making it highly stealth capable. It has 11 Hardpoints though the no 11 is really reserved for the railgun which will be released later.

The EOTS is similar to the F45, with a longer range and easier lock on. However to compensate its lock on is harder to hold on target. The EOTS can be controlled on the joystick, and the joystick includes a button to make the EOTS the SOI when on the TSD, and a knob on the side that will increase or decrease the zoom, meaning you have better HOTAS.

The TCS can also be controlled by two knobs and a button on the throttle. If you have trouble locking on with the radar, then let go of the joystick and regrip (something is bugging the joystick selector).

Known Bugs:

  • 1) Radar selection has a minor bug where sometimes you cant select without letting go of the joystick.
  • 2) On landing it pulls slight to the left after you brake.
  • 3) Includes some v basic custom scenarios, however to see them click on "Custom Scenarios", then go back, then go back again, then go next, then back and you should see them in the menu, yeah I dont know why either
  • 4) No carrier catapult, you don't need it anyway, just take off at full throttle
  • 5) Altitude autopilot can be wobbly
  • 6) if you want to maintain level flight simply putting on your AP HDG should be enough, it tends to dip to the right


  • This thing switches between swing and flat at about 300kts, at that point it will fly differently
  • if you are gooing Mach 2 and try to pull a 9g turn it will be unstable
  • Trying to pull 11g turns at 200 knots is not a good idea in real life, stick full AB on and you might recover, you might not
  • Thanks to: Boris (model) Kano (codeyboi and a shoulder to cry on)

    Change Log

    Updates by Bovine74

    May 6, 2023, 1:09 a.m.


    Fixed various minor issues and: 1) Joystick issue 2) IR missile issue for IWB

    {'version': {'orig': '0.2', 'new': '0.3'}, 'user_uploaded_file': {'orig': <FieldFile: uploaded_files/ApyFzfVomV/X02S_Wyvern_Custom_Aircraft.zip>, 'new': <FieldFile: Wyvern.zip>}}

    Updated to new version by Bovine74

    April 27, 2023, 5:55 p.m.

    {'version': {'orig': '0.1', 'new': '0.2'}, 'user_uploaded_file': {'orig': <FieldFile: uploaded_files/umoeS2fhOt/X02S_Wyvern_Custom_Aircraft.zip>, 'new': <FieldFile: Wyvern.zip>}}

    Version: 0.3
    Author: Bovine74
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