Multiplayer - Bug Report

Show Clouds Option


Can this be separated into a new mod? If enabled, it stays enabled even if Multiplayer isn't loaded. It offers its own skybox suite and changes the game dramatically. There is no other way to enable clouds outside of a multiplayer mod, which also seems odd. If I want to play with clouds, I have to also enable multiplayer which is a bit frustrating. Also, is there any way to get the cloud skybox without the clouds themselves? The difference between Clouds Enabled and Disabled for a Mission like "The Dusk Crown (VI) - Assignation" is NIGHT AND DAY.... and it shouldn't have to be hidden inside a multiplayer mod when it can affect a single player experience this dramatically.

Reproduction Steps

Play Campaign Mission (Dusk Crown Recommended for Reproduction) Enable Clouds - then Play the same Campaign Note differences. . Why is this feature buried in a Multiplayer mod?

Affecting Mod Version: 6.1
Severity: Feature Request
Status: Open