Welcome to vtolvr-mods.com

What is the VTOL VR Mod Loader?

VTOL VR Modding aims to add more user-created content into the game as mods. With the Mod Loader, players can add custom code into the game to add extra features that they wanted.
Anyone can create mods with a bit of knowledge of Unity and C# using the creating a mod page also the Mod loader is open source, so anyone can help out improving the Mod Loader itself.

Please note, modding in VTOL VR isn't officially supported by the developers. Mods will break from time to time, this isn't the developers' fault, please don't blame them or report bugs to the developers while running the Mod Loader or any mods. If there are any issues with the Mod Loader, please report them in the modding discord.

Most of our projects are open-source, you can check them out here on GitLab.

Total Mod Loader Downloads: 140185
Total Users: 3944
Total Mods: 186
Total Skins: 298
Most Downloaded Mod: Mirage 2000CX
Most Downloaded Skin: Arctic Splinter FA26B

Supporting the Mod Loader

Thank you first for considering supporting the Mod Loader and vtolvr-mods.com. There are a few different ways you can support the Mod Loader, first and the best way would be just creating content for the Mod Loader its self. This can be mods, skins or even videos and guides. Secondly would be fixing bugs or creating features for the Mod Loader on GitLab Group, all the code is open-source and free and will remain that way, check the issues and there could be some bugs or features that have been found/requested for you to start working on.

Lastly, you can donate to the Mod Loader on Patreon or Paypal if you are happy with giving some money towards the running costs.

All of these are optional, we want to keep everything free and open for people to use, so no paywalls. This is just for the people who have asked how they could help out or new people wanting to help.

A special thanks to these people for their donations so far.

  • Despair - $150.00 [ Patreon]
  • Toxic_Cash - $50.00 [ PayPal]
  • dtwoodall - $35.00 [ Patreon]
  • Baremeg - $25.00 [ Patreon]
  • MACCHIAVALLEY 75002B - $21.13 [ Patreon]
  • L_etranger - $20.00 [ PayPal]
  • Liao - €20.00 [ PayPal]
  • Aurora - $19.00 [ PayPal]
  • nebriv - $18.00 [ Patreon]
  • AK - €15.00 [ PayPal]
  • jayy - $10.00 [ Patreon]
  • CultishBison - $10.00 [ PayPal]
  • IL - $10.00 [ PayPal]
  • JHC - £10.00 [ PayPal]
  • kneophly - $9.00 [ PayPal]
  • BN - $5.00 [ PayPal]
  • Gorr045 - £5.00 [ PayPal]
  • willblixt - $4.00 [ PayPal]
  • Lewis Capaldi - $3.00 [ Patreon]
  • AtrociousAmbition - £3.00 [ PayPal]
  • Quantify - £2.90 [ Patreon]
  • BahKooJ - $1.00 [ Patreon]
  • masiboss - £0.69 [ PayPal]