Our goal

Our goal with VTOLVR-mods.com is to create a welcoming, mature and respectful community for people who are interested in modding VTOL VR. We desire to retain the relaxed and fun atmosphere our senior members are used to, and attract new members to grow the VTOL VR modding scene.

Community guidelines

  • Be respectful to others.
  • No offensive, excessively violent, or inappropriate content. This includes but is not limited to, pornography, nudity or sexually explicit content, hate speech or symbology.
  • No content that is distasteful or irrelevant to VTOL VR modding.
  • Make sure you have permission to share the content you upload and/or credit the author if necessary.
  • Don't create or upload mods that unlock unreleased or paid VTOL VR content.
  • Donations and commissions are allowed, however, selling mods or skins directly is not permitted.
  • Open-sourcing your mods is highly encouraged to help others in the community learn and share feedback.

Any Questions?

Any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines or any mods/skins on the site should be directed to support@vtolvr-mods.com