Christmas 2020 [Skin]

From: Dec. 1, 2020
To: Dec. 25, 2020
Voting Ends: Dec. 31, 2020


Entries: 1

We're running our first public contest for the Christmas period. This contest is for skins only, anyone is welcome to create skins or leave ratings on others skins.

Anything created during this contest will stay on the site afterwards and the winner will receive their own discord role.

The theme is "Christmas"

How to submit content

To submit first you'll need to head to upload a skin page then once it's uploaded (doesn't need to be approved yet) you can press the submit button at the top right of this page and your skin should show up in the list.


  1. Content can have been created prior of contest
  2. The submission must still abide by the community guidelines
  3. If your submission is an abstract way of meeting the theme, please explain it in the description


Voting ends on the 31st of December. There are 2 different categories you can rate on.


How creative is this design, is it something new and unique or something just copy and pasted on.


This is how well it links to the current theme. Remember there could be an abstract way it links so include why you did what you did in the description.

Picking a winner

The winner is picked by the overall votes in all the categories joined together.


This is the results of the contest sorted by the highest ratings first.