Frequently Asked Questions


Mod Loader

Why do I need to run as Admin when installing the mod loader?

When installing the mod loader we request that you run the installer as admin to allow as to modify a registry entry. This entry enables the One-Click installation feature of the mod loader allowing you to install mods directly from this site.

If you do not run as admin this feature will not work.

Why does my Antivirus flag the mod loader as a virus?

We utilize a common technique called DLL injection in order to dynamically inject mod code into VTOL VR's core components. Most antivirus technologies identify this as very suspicious activity. Rest assured that this is quite typical for these types of mod loaders. You will need to add an exception in your AV to allow the mod loader to run.

The Raft Modding community has an excellent write up on this here:

Additionally the entire mod loader source code is available for review here:

How do I disable the Mod Loader to play Multiplayer with non modded users?

You can disable the mod loader by following this video to revert your game back to normal

Where is XYZ Mod?

Some mod developers have opted to hide their mods until they are able to update them to work with the latest version of the game.


Are mods safe?

Yes! We manually review every mod and skin for compliance with our community guidelines. This includes looking for copyrighted content, inappropriate content, and malicious code. Additionally we strongly encourage creators to open source their mods and provide a link to it. This allows you inspect the code for anything you may not want to run.

Please keep in mind, downloading .dll files from untrusted sources such as Discord, Github, email, or other social media can be dangerous. DLL files (mod files) contain computer code that is run on your system when you load them into the mod loader. They could very well harm your VTOL VR installation or your computer itself.

As of now is the only official source for mods.

Mod and Skin Creation

What do I need to know to create a mod?

To create a mod you just need to know how the Unity Game Engine works in C#.
Everything is coded in C# just without the editor, you can also import assets using asset bundles which require the editor to create.

Read more about creating mods here!

How do I create a skin?

We've created a dedicated section where you can read about creating skins here!

Will custom helicopters exist?

At the moment, the developer has requested us not to use any of the DLC code so sadly no mods will be approved that take away from the current DLC.