Basic CAT Unity Package

It's a Basic CAT not a Simple CAT...

This is the Basic CAT Unity Asset Package that can be used to create new aircraft. You can find the source code in the link for the actual code and visual studio solution.

However none of this is self explanatory on its own. I will be putting up videos on YouTube to show how to work with the template and code solution.

You are welcome to play around with both if you wish, but I will not provide any support on how to use it prior to releasing the videos. The videos will show you how to take the BCAT and create your own custom vehicle.

You should not download this and try to use it in the game. The zip file is here so it is in a safe place to download it. Trying to load it in game will do nothing.

Change Log

Updated to fix issues with flight model, maps, and extra elements that were left in by accident by Bovine74

June 23, 2023, 1:15 p.m.

{'version': {'orig': '0.2', 'new': '0.3'}, 'user_uploaded_file': {'orig': <FieldFile: uploaded_files/O7lIf7JyQu/>, 'new': <FieldFile:>}}

Version: 0.3
Author: Bovine74
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