Jester AI for the T55

You never, never, leave your wingman

Requires CWB!! Install CWB and enable or you will not be able to add Jester AI

Have you ever felt lonely when flying the T-55? Don't have any friends? Or just want someone to shit talk you from the back seat?

Jester will call out:

  • 1) Altitude and speed at random
  • 2) Radar pings of enemy aircraft with a BRAA
  • 3) Position of enemy in WVR
  • 4) Gives feedback on your landings on the carrier
  • Over 300 custom callouts. You will need to install CWB, and then add the Jester AI to the extra hardpoints on the T-55. Simply equip on one hard point. Future updates to include:

  • 1) Kills and targeting callouts
  • 2) Ejections
  • 3) Crashes and Damage
  • more?
  • Version: 1.0
    Author: Bovine74
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